Nara Lounge. Premium Hookah, Coffee & Tea.

Hookah Lounge


Relax in the lounge, enjoy an ice-cooled hookah and an atmosphere like no other at Nara Lounge, Raleigh. Look for your favorite table in our ultra modern hookah lounge and choose outdoor patio seating year-round in Raleigh’s mild temperatures. Ask for your favorite custom blended beverages, your choice of teas and fresh pastry at Nara Lounge.

After Hours

nara night life

  Nara Lounge is perfect for a private party. Located across from NCSU on Hillsborough St. just minutes downtown Raleigh. Contact us to schedule you next group event today. Book our lounge for the entire night or just a few hours.

Since its opening Dec. 1, Nara Lounge, a coffee and hookah café, has attracted crowds of students and casual customers through its patio and into the Middle Eastern-themed establishment ... Inside, patrons indulge on tea, coffee, pastries and a kind of flavored tobacco called “shisha” ... The lounge recently started offering free WiFi for students to work while they are there. People can book the lounge for parties or even presentations ... Other than a few exceptions, the employees are open to modifying orders to fit a customer’s specifications.